Can a DJ make or break your wedding Photos?

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As a wedding photographer I am quite often asked, “What can we leave out to save us money on our wedding?” The response I always give is, “What can you not afford to save on?” I usually get puzzled looks by then but that’s alright. The double entendre is meant to make the couple think about value. The value they place on their wedding day surely has to be more than eating out a few times a month or that morning Starbucks coffee everyday. Yet they, we and I are all guilty of trying to shave off a few dollars. When it comes to saving money, especially in these times, it is understandable. What we need to do first is look at the value instead of the bottom line.

The Importance of a Professional DJ Service or Band

I’ve shot weddings in the past where the reception music came from an iPod wired to ceiling speakers. Did I get any fun and memorable photos from the reception? One word: No. The reception is not all about the food, decorations and location. You can have all three of those and pay the best money to get the premier caterers in your town. You can spend thousands on decorations to make the space look like it should be on the cover of wedding magazines. And you can find the most lavish of locations atop the most expensive hotels in your town. Now imagine all of that and no music. You eat in silence, stare blindly at the d├ęcor and admire the surroundings only to think, “This would all be better with some really good music.”

A professional DJ service or band will make the evening activities flow and make your guests cheerful and happy. This makes my life as a wedding photographer much easier. Pictures from the reception are always better and livelier with a good DJ or band. When I have happy smiling faces at the reception I have happy smiling clients. Because of this a great DJ or band is worth its weight in gold towards the success of your wedding.

-J.Cruz Foto


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