Is decor lighting important?

Decor lighting is often a detail that is overlooked, yet it should be one of the most important in terms of decor. It is one of the most efficient and "bang for your buck" ways to create a enhance a whole venue, and be able to change it instantly when needed. Couples will often spend a large portion of their budget on flowers and and other arrangements just to dress up the tables.

We Managed to come across a great article at Desi Bride Magazine. Andrea Duvall does a great job on highlighting the importance of decor lighting.

More and more I'm seeing photographs pop up on the internet of wedding receptions with the full and vibrant composition that I am so fond of. This is because of the harmonious effect created when light bounces off of architectural features like walls and ceilings, essentially filling the room with colored light that dazzles the eye and awakens emotion.

It is commonly recognized that a strong relationship exists between color and its ability to impact how we feel. These studies are not just used to help us determine the best color to paint the rooms in our homes, schools and hospitals. LED Uplighting not only captivates people with its beauty, but it is a fantastic way to strengthen a color theme, reinforce the mood of music, or help communicate to guests what is happening...

A wedding reception that includes vibrant decor lighting is going to have a strong influence on the overall experience for everyone who is a part of the day.

Just imagine… The decor lighting that created such a warm ambiance throughout dinner has now begun to shift as the dance floor fills and the colors continue to change to support the mood of each song. But like all things, even the best receptions must come to an end, and it is that special time of the night when the bride and groom share their last dance. As their song begins the lighting shifts back to the initial color scheme that was in place when the night first began. Magic!...

Without a doubt, decor uplighting is the most dramatic enhancement possible, and for the most economical price.

I've designed lighting for weddings that allowed for a $13,000 budget for florals, while for a fraction of that price their Uplighting Design Package elegantly enhanced the entire room - not just the dinner tables. As a final thought, I'd like to suggest that Decor Lighting be considered more than a last-minute add-on if there happens to be money left in the budget - I'd like nothing more for it to be seen for what it truly is: a necessity for setting the perfect mood for a perfect day.


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